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An industrial engineering firm created in 1971, Bachiller specialises in the design and manufacture of process equipment and pressure vessels for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


In view of your background and business experience, has the chemical industry changed much over the last 50 years?

In the last 50 years the chemical industry has undergone constant growth in terms of global production. This has partly been due to the increasing demand for chemicals for different industrial and consumer uses. The chemical industry has also achieved significant breakthroughs in research, the development of new products and processes and improvements in the efficiency and sustainability of its production.

In the past there were teams with very limited functions that were designed for mass products that lasted a long time. Now it’s essential to seek solutions for frequent changes in the needs of the process geared towards very specific products.

Our company has always been committed to adapting to these constant changes and advances in the chemical industry.


Bachiller is building a new warehouse at its facilities in Parets del Vallés. What’s the reason behind the construction of this new building?

Yes, we are. We’re currently building a sixth warehouse 2,500 m2 in size next to our offices in Parets del Vallés. These new facilities will consist of a new Test Center, in which we’ll install a comprehensive range of pilot devices capable of carrying out tests, such as checking the viability and development of new processes, product trials and the scaling up of the processes from the pilot to the industrial plant.

This warehouse will also enable us to improve our workflow in the manufacture of our equipment, and, finally, we’ll set aside a space to expand our offices, given the constant growth of our professional staff.

Bachiller will return to Expoquimia after its absence in 2021; what do you expect to achieve at Expoquimia 2023?

Just like every time we attend Expoquimia, we hope to have the chance to display and promote our equipment to an audience interested in the chemical industry. Of course, we also hope to establish contacts and relationships with potential customers and business partners and exchange ideas and knowledge with other professionals in the industry.

Bachiller is a long-standing visitor to Expoquimia… how would you rate your attendance at the event throughout the time you’ve spent at it?

In general terms, our attendance at Expoquimia has always been really positive and it’s provided us with excellent opportunities to exhibit our entire range of static and process equipment, and it’s also enabled us to expand our network of contacts and keep track of the latest innovations in our field of work.