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A doctor in Chemical Engineering and graduate in Chemical Sciences who completed the management development programme at the IESE, Ángel Alejandre is the Managing Director of Technip Energies Iberia, a firm he joined in 1996. Technip Energies, an engineering and technology company that’s been based in Spain since 1972, will participate as a Gold Sponsor in the 15th Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering to be held from 30th May to 2nd June as part of Expoquimia, the International Chemistry Event organised by Fira de Barcelona.

How does T.EN define itself as a company?

Technip Energies is a global engineering and technology company that focuses on accelerating the energy transition. We have the technologies, capabilities and experience to provide solutions for the market’s needs, with a full range of services ranging from the conceptual phases of projects to the start-up of plants. Our strategy concentrates on energy transition processes such as biofuels, sustainable chemistry and circularity processes, as well as the processes of capturing and using CO2 and green hydrogen.

We have a team made up of over 15,000 professionals around the world, more than 1,000 of whom work at our offices in Spain, where we’ve had an operational centre since 1972. Our headquarters are in Cornellà de Llobregat and we have offices in Tarragona, Madrid, Castellón, A Coruña, Huelva and Algeciras, enabling us to provide a local and high-quality service to all our customers.


 Your strategy fully coincides with the objectives of the Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering. What do you hope to achieve at this event?

At the Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering we’ll have the chance to meet customers, partners and technologists and analyse the potential for collaboration in all these areas to ensure that the projects that our industry and our society need come to fruition.

We’ll also be able to resume our direct contact with the scientific communities that are working on aspects of R&D set to become technological solutions in the coming years.

T.EN has been an innovative company in the development of projects for the energy transition. Which initiatives is your company working on right now?

We’re currently working on numerous biofuel, decarbonisation, circular economy and green hydrogen projects in Spain and abroad, with the clear ambition to become a leading player in the energy transition. We’re involved in them from their earliest phases to their final execution.

Some of these projects are key to promoting this transformation and achieving the decarbonisation of our industry, thus turning the needs of our customers into sustainable realities.

Given your far-reaching experience, do you think we’re any closer to decarbonisation?

Yes, the alignment of countries through the initiatives promoted by the European Community and the United States is creating favourable conditions for the new technologies that facilitate the development of decarbonisation. More and more of the projects we’re working on are focused on transforming companies’ facilities, building new biofuel plants, green hydrogen, plastic recycling, generating chemical products by means of waste recycling and so on; the international agreements and companies are demonstrating a firm commitment to achieving this change.

Finally, how does T.EN envisage the future?

We’re approaching it with lots of enthusiasm and the conviction that we have a leading role to play in the technological transformation of our industry. The company’s vision has been clear since we were incorporated as Technip Energies in 2021, and we’re seeing how this commitment is being reflected in real active participation in new technologies and projects in this direction.

The demand for projects related to the energy transition is on the rise and becoming better established. We’re witnessing how our customers are currently focusing on the execution phase of this type of project after carrying feasibility projects and the basic engineering over the last 2 years.

We’re therefore sure that the demand for projects related to the energy transition will increase in the short and mid terms, and at Technip Energies we’re motivated and ready to continue addressing our customers’ challenges and undertaking new projects.