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Founded in 1976, Técnica de Fluidos has become a leading company in the sale and distribution of industrial pumps for the transport and handling of all types of substances. It is once again participating in Expoquimia, and it does so moreover as a Global Partner.

Given your background and business experience, has the chemical industry changed much since 1976?

The chemical sector, like all other industrial sectors, has changed a great deal in recent years. There are certainly a multitude of new products and there are trends that have been greatly strengthened, such as, for example, the reinforcement of safety measures in the industry and the implementation of measures that improve the environmental friendliness and sustainability of the chemical industry. Automation and digitalisation have also come a long way in recent years.

In this regard, how is your company experiencing the current state of play?

TDF is a group of companies that is constantly evolving and we are used to adapting to a rapidly changing environment. The pandemic has accelerated some of these changes and we are always striving to be at the forefront of companies adopting the most innovative solutions in order to benefit our customers and, of course, our own employees.

TDF has a strong international presence. Has this factor enabled you to weather the crisis better?

Our international presence started two decades ago and has grown considerably in recent years. We already have a direct presence with sales teams, warehouses and workshops in eight countries in Europe and four in South America.

And we have plans to further develop this presence. Without a doubt, the company’s internationalisation has brought us innumerable advantages both in times of crisis and in times of economic prosperity.

Some of the main advantages are the global service we are providing and the exchange of knowledge between the technical teams in the different countries. It has certainly been advantageous for the whole group.

Internationalisation is part of the TDF Group’s DNA and will remain so in the future.

What does it bring to a company like TDF to participate in a show like Expoquimia?

I think we are aware that the pandemic has not benefited fairs in general. However, we believe that trade fairs will continue to provide value in the future, perhaps in a more regional way than before, but they will still be important for companies like us who want to be in constant contact with our customers and listen to their requests so that we can also improve our service.