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Industrial Biotech


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Expoquimia as member of Foro Química y Sociedad has joined
The Seville International Chemistry Declaration 2016


12 Tuesday September 2017

Expoquimia reunirá a las empresas líderes de la química aplicada más inteligente e innovadora

supercritical fluids

La 18ª edición de Expoquimia, el Encuentro Internacional de la Química de Fira de Barcelona, será la más innovadora de su dilatada historia.

26 Wednesday July 2017

Cuestionario Grupo Lleal

Frank Koppens

Con más de 140 años de historia, Lleal es una de las empresas de referencia del sector químico. Especializada en el diseño y fabricación de equipos e instalaciones para la industria de procesos, es uno de los grandes clásicos de Expoquímia 2017.

7 Friday July 2017

Supercritical fluids improve textile impregnation with bioactive compounds for skin treatments

supercritical fluids

There is no doubt that exploring new renewable energy sources is one of the key topics for research centres all over the world. And nanomaterials might have a big say in this field.

7 Friday July 2017

New nanomaterials for a cleaner energy generation


There is no doubt that exploring new renewable energy sources is one of the key topics for research centres all over the world. And nanomaterials might have a big say in this field.

7 Friday July 2017

Frank Koppens: "We expect to take graphene from the laboratories into real products very quickly"

Frank Koppens

Professor Frank Koppens is Group Leader at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Barcelona, where they work on both the fundamental science and applications of two-dimensional materials, including graphene. He is also a member of the executive board of the Graphene Flagship project, the largest European research initiative ever, and leader of the optoelectronics activities within this program. In this interview, he explains the current research and the future applications of both graphene and other one-atom-thick new materials that are already changing technology as we know it.

7 Friday July 2017

Hugo-Maria Schally: "We need all levels of government and of civil society to move towards circular economy

After working for the UNDP, the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Vienna, he joined the European Commission in 1998 and has been since Head of Unit in several directorates general.

7 Friday July 2017

Francesc Gòdia:"Industrial Biotechnology favours the circular economy"

Francesc Gòdia is Professor of Chemical Engineering at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). His teaching activity is focused on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. He is the coordinator of the Biotechnology programme at UAB. Chairman of the European Congress of Biotechnology (ECB) in 2007 and 2009, and the meeting of ESACT in 2003 and 2015. He is author of more than 85 papers, 5 patents, and advisor of 28 PhD theses.

21 Wednesday June 2017

La química del futuro

La química del futuro

Desde plásticos capaces de biodegradarse en el agua en pocas semanas hasta hierro microencapsulado para alimentos. Todos estos avances estarán en Expoquimia.

17 Wednesday May 2017

El pilar de la industria 4.0

Expoquimia, la exhibición de referencia del sector químico español, sirve de pilar central de la consolidación de las ferias industriales de Fira de Barcelona

17 Wednesday May 2017

El polo químico de Tarragona, el gran protagonista de la química española

Expoquimia 2017 volverá a ser el escaparate de un sector como el químico, fundamental para el bienestar, en el que Tarragona ocupa un lugar destacado



Figures for the
2014 event

The 2014 event was a great success;
it established us as an indisputable
benchmark for the applied chemical sector,
both nationally and internationally.

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