Expoquimia 2017 Awards

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Expoquimia, the international Chemistry Event, aims to collaborate in the promotion and dissemination of research in its two categories: the chemical area and the biotechnology area.

The aim is to support the promotion and dissemination of research in two categories: chemistry and biotechnology.

Deadline: October 14th!

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The fifth edition of the Expoquimia Award for Research, Development and Innovation in the field of chemistry is given to the best developments in new materials, the most innovative processes, the best facility designs and the most sustainable products and chemical technologies.

With this award we aim to support and incentivise researchers in a task that is essential for the evolution and development of a sector that is a driving force behind science and technology and has a huge impact on society.


The fourth edition of the Biotechnology Award for Research, Development and Innovation has been presented during Expoquimia.

Biotechnology is a fast-growing subsector and offers new production processes and products through biotechnology with widespread potential for use in the areas of materials, raw materials for pharmaceuticals and food, biopolymers, waste treatments and environmental use, amongst many others.


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The award goes to Juan Carlos Llobregat of PrimLab Global

Premio Expoquimia

For the development of CO2pure, a new generation of additives for use in the construction sector that decontaminate the air. This additive, launched on the market as part of Expoquimia, renders pollutants such as CO2 and nitrogen oxides harmless. The solution will facilitate both the fight against health problems caused by polluted air and the reduction of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. We wish this product launched at our show every success.


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The award goes to Carmela Pérez of Algae Energy

Premio Biotecnologia

For the development of AgriAlgae, a new biostimulant manufactured from microalgal biomass. The product achieves a 23% increase in fruit plantation productivity, which is superior to its competitors. The potential impact on agriculture is huge and may contribute to the fight against malnutrition worldwide. AgriAlgae has been selected as the best initiative of this 2017 edition for its innovative and biological nature, efficiency and for the technological maturity of the project.

Previous Editions


Expoquimia I+D+I Award


2014 edition

The "Antimicrobial Biomaterials for bone substitution and regeneration", presented by Xavier Gil and Maria Paz Ginebreda Research Group in Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, has received the award in the category of Chemistry propose a comprehensive strategy to deal with infections associated with dental implants. In this sense, the research team at the UPC has introduced an innovative system that improves the resistance of the bone-implant bacterial infections through the development of bone regeneration materials capable of releasing antibacterial chemical principles locally.

Biotechnology R+D+I Award


2014 edition

In the Biotechnology category, the award went to IPR19: new drug for the treatment of cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia 'by Ernest Giralt and Teresa Tarragó company Iproteos the PCB. Currently, medications for the treatment of this disease affects some of the symptoms, but not in cognitive disorder patients, disrupting the functions of execution, memory and attention. In preclinical phase, this new drug improved memory and learning capabilities of animals suffering from schizophrenia. The clinical phase in human patients will be launched in 2016.


Expoquimia I+D+I Award


2011 edition

In the Chemistry category, the project "Design, synthesis and evaluation of the antiviral activity of new HIV entry inhibitors" by professors José Borrell and Jordi Teixidó from the Molecular Engineering Group at the Sarrià Chemistry Institute won the award. This project has generated new inhibitors of the molecule CXC4R, which leads to the infections caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the origin of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This finding will facilitate the creation of a new and more effective drug against this disease.

The Jury gave a special mention to the business project Nanomol Technologies, submitted by professors Jaume Veciana, Nora Ventosa and Santi Sala from the Department of Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials at the Barcelona Institute of Natural Sciences of the CSIC. This project has developed a platform for manufacturing nanomedicines.

Biotechnology R+D+I Award


2011 edition

In the Biotechnology category, the award was given to the Barcelona company BioGLane, founded by doctors Pedro Clapés, Jesús Joglar, Josep Lluís Torres and businessman Sergio Pumarola. Their company has launched a natural molecule (D-fagomine) which regulates the appetite and can be used as a dietary complex.

The Jury's special mention was for the project submitted by doctor Eva Martín del Valle from the University of Salamanca which, using biomaterials, is able to regenerate the lung tissue of patients who have had part of this organ removed.