Watify Matchmaking Event

3 - 5 October 2017. Gran Via venue.
Hall 3 - Networking Area (TBC)


Sustainable Advanced and New Materials

3rd October 2017

This Matchmaking event will focus on the full range of materials being currently developed to support manufacturing processes and its efficiency. Sustainable advanced and new materials are playing an essential role in facing the increasing resources' exploitation in the production processes. New plastics, aerogels, anti-scratch materials and materials born from industrial waste and de- & re-manufacturing processes can support the optimisation of resource use, and can extend the products' life cycle thus improving efficiency and sustainability of production and consumption. The market needs, and challenges of operating in such a market segment will be explored during the event.


Printed Electronics

4th October 2017

As additive manufacturing goes mainstream, it is increasingly possible to manufacture fully functional electromechanical parts, opening the door to innovative new possibilities in electronics design, production, and use. In addition, conformal - stretchable electronics can already be embedded in fitness trackers, smart apparel, and skin patches—as well as applications in complex supply chains that require on-demand manufacturing and mass customization. Analysts predict that 3D-printed electronics is likely to be the next high-growth application for product innovation.


Green Chemicals

5th October 2017

The role of Green Chemicals is to find alternatives to the old-established chemical products. Green Chemicals aim at reducing the human impact on the environment thorugh an action of direct prevention, thus also tackling the issue of sustainability and risk management behind the use of chemicals involved in nearly all production processes. They can reduce the use and creation of hazardous substances, prevente waste and enhance the use of more sustainable raw materials.


The Watify initiative is an awareness-raising campaign, supported by the European Commission, to boost the digital and technological transformation and industrial modernisation of Europe's industries.

In partnership with Fira Barcelona, Watify is organizing three inter-regional matchmaking events in the scope of the Barcelona Industry Week, to foster cross-border inter-regional cooperation respectively in Sustainable Advanced and New Materials, Green Chemicals and in Printed Electronics.