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02 October 2017

The jury highlights the high quality of the projects submitted in Chemistry and Biotechnology

An additive that reduces CO2 emissions and microalgae, winners of the Expoquimia 2017 Awards

A new additive for paints or other types of coating that reduces the pollution caused by CO2 and NOx (greenhouse gases) and an innovative biostimulant to improve agricultural yields are the winning projects of the fifth edition of the Expoquimia R&D&I Awards in the categories of Biotechnology and Chemistry, respectively. The jury has highlighted the high quality of the projects submitted for this new edition of the awards that Expoquimia, Fira de Barcelona's International Chemical Industry Event, has been organizing since 2005.
In the Biotechnology category, the first prize was won by AgriAlgae, a microalgae-based agricultural biostimulant developed by the Madrid company AlgaEnergy. AgriAlgae is produced exclusively from high-quality microalgae biomass, cultured and processed at the company's own facilities. 
AlgaEnergy is a biotechnology company that is well known in the microalgae industry; its product, used on melon farms, has been instrumental in increasing the yield in kg per hectare by 23%, the average weight per treated melon by 13%, together with a 14% growth in the number of fruits.
The prize in the Chemistry category has gone to CO2pure, an active ingredient containing nano- and microparticles that, when added as an additive in paint manufacture, road tarmacking or any other type of coating, contributes to removing carbon dioxide and harmful nitrogen oxides, converting them into inert, harmless minerals. 
Thus, for example, a 7,000-m2 football field paved or painted with CO2pure, will reduce CO2 and NOx emissions by 1.42 tons a year, according to the product's creators, the Alicante firm PrimLab Global.
Endowed with 5,000 euros in each of the two categories, the Expoquimia Awards will be given at a lunch to be held on Monday, 2 October, as part of Fira de Barcelona's Expoquimia show and which will be attended by Carmen Vela, Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation.
Barcelona, 2 October 2017
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