10 Wednesday June 2015

La dirección del World Chemical Summit participa en SusChem 2015

La directora de Expoquimia, Eurosurfas y Equiplast, los salones que conforman el futuro World Chemical Sumit, está participando en el encuentro anual de SusChem.

9 Saturday May 2015

Do you know about the Chemistry adn Society Forum?

The Spanish platform entities related to chemistry cooperating to establish a permanent communication with the company reporting the progress of this science and promoting knowledge, innovation and industrial development.

26 Thursday March 2015

El Gobierno aprueba el plan de ayudas del Ministerio de Industria para 2015

El Gobierno ha aprobado el plan anual integrado de ayudas del Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo para el año 2015.

26 Thursday March 2015

El Gobierno convoca subvenciones por un millón de euros para impulsar los 'business angels'

El Gobierno ha convocado subvenciones por valor de un millón de euros para el impulso de los 'business angels' durante 2015.

13 Friday March 2015

The solar plane presented in Expoquimia wing in its first Round-The-World Solar Flight

Solarimpulse2, the plane powered only by nothing but solar energy and was presented in Expoquimia 2014, goes around the world. Follow the first Round-The-World Solar Flight!

11 Wednesday February 2015

Buscando vida en el Universo

Expoquimia, en su vocación de divulgación científica, ha colaborado con el reportaje de TV3 'Buscando vida en el universo'. El programa explica cómo se detectan planetas fuera del Sistema Solar y qué condiciones tendrían que tener para sostener la vida.

4 Wednesday February 2015

Nanomedicine: more personalized and efficient treatments against cancer

Dr. Josep Tabernero, director of Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO,) spoke in a seminar celebrated during Expoquimia about the paradigm shift that means going from the administration of the same drug to anyone affected by cancer to a treatment designed to the specific characteristics of each tumour.

20 Tuesday January 2015

Framework Agreement for Collaboration between the Chemical Societies of Spain and Israel signed in Expoquimia

The triple exhibition of Expoquimia, Eurosurfas, and Equiplast, which took place between September 30 and October 3, 2014, in the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via Exhibition Centre, provided an ideal opportunity for the signing ceremony of the agreement for collaboration between the chemical societies of Spain and Israel

11 Thursday December 2014

Expoquimia opens to cooking, in collaboration with Harvard

Download the books Chemistry of Food and Culinary Chemistry, courtesy of the organizers of the seminar Science & Cooking

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