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Available exclusively from Prevost: the Prevost Piping System is the new compressed air network range, made entirely from aluminium. The PPS offers the guarantee of a leak-free network that is easy to assemble, made up of compact, lightweight and impact-resistant aluminium pipes and couplings. Our new 100% aluminium network range is designed and produced entirely in Europe. The PPS concept enhances our product ranges for the distribution of fluids. The Prevost Piping System ensure that your network is built to last and provides a top-quality supply to your workstations.

PRODUCT DETAILS • Operating pressure of up to 16 bar and suitable for vacuum use (-0.98 bar) • Pipe insertion depth indicator (engraved on the body of the coupling) • Date of manufacture indicated on the body for improved traceability and quality • Coupling diameter indicated in millimetres and inches • Compact PPS coupling design STANDARDS • Optimised to withstand temperatures from -20°C to 80°C • Nut and body compatible with standard single-tooth wrenches (special PPS wrenches available) • PPS Grip Concept technology PPS GRIP CONCEPT The PPS Grip Concept is based on a stainless steel ring with teeth that penetrate the aluminium pipe. The new contoured and lubricated seal ensures leaktightness even in the harshest conditions.

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