Lenticular filters


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Lenticular filters have been constructed and designed with an ergonomic enclosure system to facilitate replacement. Lenticular filters are used in a wide variety of applications where clarification, product cleaning and the cost of effective particle removal are primary concerns. Commonly, lenticular filters also serve to protect the downstream of membrane filters and other equipment.

Lenticular Filters are manufactured and designed to meet all customer requirements in depth filtration. An important aspect of lenticular filters is the advanced Z (+) potential imparted by the compact wet resin filter medium. This charge modification causes excellent turbidity removal capability. Depth filtration is often used when the loading of contaminating solids is too high to protect the filters and filtration systems in the donwstream. Characteristics of Lenticular Filters We cover different media for lenticular filters, which include Cellulose, Celpure® (Earth diatoméas), Perlite, Compact wet resin, filtration aids and different grades of activated charcoal. Lenticular filters use materials of high purity, low migration of extractables and are manufactured with rigorous quality controls, so that they can be used in the most critical applications such as in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. Lenticular filters can be supplied in two types of 12 "and 16" diameters with a variable number of cells in the core design. The filtering surfaces can vary between 0.28m² to 3.7m². The central cores of lenticular filters are available with flat gasket and double O-ring connections, the latter being most commonly used in critical applications where Bypass prevention is crucial. Lenticular filters can be used in the filtrations of the chemical industry (silicone, coatings, stabilizers, intermediate chemicals, etc ...), Food and drink (syrups, aromas, wine, beer, distillates, etc ...) Pharmaceutical (plasma, API, culture medium, etc ...). We offer complete validation guide.


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